Husqvarna H315X

Meet Automower® 315X, a smart home robotic mower that will give you the perfect lawn 24/7. If you own a small or medium-sized yard up to 0.4 acres, Automower® 315 is the innovative solution you've been waiting for. Featuring cutting-edge technology and an intuitive interface, Automower® is the world’s most capable robotic mower. Obstacles, tight spaces and slopes are no sweat. And thanks to its weather resistance, Automower® works in the rain, too. Plus, as a premium Automower® model in the X-Line Series, the 315X comes with Automower® Connect, featuring GPS navigation and theft tracking, along with the special X-Line design, including LED headlights, rubber front bumper and specially painted wheel caps.

Robot Details

  • Working Area: 0.4 acres
  • Cutting Height, min-max: 0.8-2.4 in
  • Typical mow time on one charge: 70 min
  • Typical charging time: 60 min
$2399.99 w/ Professional Installation

Interested in our Service Model?

Interested in our Service Model? Do you like the Technology behind Robotic Mowers? Just don't want to own one or deal with Repairs, Maintenance, Insurance, Storage in the off season etc? Our service model may be what you are looking for...

How does the Service Model work? Think of us as a lawn service, we use robotic mowers to maitain our clients yards rather than a guy that shows up weekly with a Truck, Trailer and Gas powered mower.

How Much Does the Weekly Service model cost? This varies by yard size but generally its similar to what you would pay a tradition lawn service.

We are also a weekly Lawn Service. We have clients thought the Milwaukee area that utilize our Lawn Service where we use a Robotic Mower to maintain their lawn.